Big Drop Brewing Co.

The challenge

Big Drop Brewing Co. was the UK’s first brewer to exclusively brew low alcohol beers under 0.5%ABV. The business needed to build on the successful launch of its first beer, raising awareness in trade media to achieve listings and appeal to drinkers looking for a low-alcohol beer through consumer media.

The Big Drop Brewing Co. team retained Kate Hempsall to manage its PR and marketing strategy in April 2017.

The solution

An 18-month plan was developed to position Big Drop Brewing Co. as the authoritative voice in the emerging category of low alcohol beers and encourage trial and purchase. It was designed to provide transparency through the communication of the unique brewing process and establish a loyal consumer base whose advocacy spread across a sector thirsty to share news about great beers.

The plan included a range of activity including award entries, securing speaking opportunities, writing and placing thought leadership articles, attendance at industry events, interviews with the brand’s founder, news releases and an active social media presence.

The results

  • Big Drop Brewing Co. won medals at the International Beer Challenge 2017 and World Beer Awards 2017, catapulting the low alcohol sector into the mainstream for the first time
  • Big Drop was named Innovator of the Year at New Producer Awards 2017, was shortlisted in BBC Food & Farming Awards 2018 and won Best Targeting of New Markets at the Beer & Cider Marketing Awards 2018
  • Over 300 pieces of media coverage recorded in the 18-month period
  • Social media followers and engagement increased by over 500%
  • Widely recognised as the leading low alcohol craft brewer in the World
  • Founder, Rob Fink, positioned as a thought leader and primary spokesperson for the category
  • Direct introductions made to several stockists leading to listings.

“Kate managed Big Drop’s PR function through a period of huge expansion for our company. Her astute observations and an extensive network of contacts in the drinks industry were invaluable in building Big Drop’s brand and market awareness. Pieces which she was able to place for us led directly to further listings and so we were able to directly correlate her work and financial results – not always possible with PR! I would not hesitate to recommend Kate to any business looking to build brand and awareness.”

Rob Fink, Founder, Big Drop Brewing Co