ERDINGER and Klopp

At the beginning of March, ERDINGER Weissbräu announced that its new ambassador was Jürgen Klopp. We prepared to launch a campaign that featured TV advertising, a fan site and a limited edition red can just in case he clinched a first Premier League title as Manager – his Liverpool side was 22 points clear at the time after all.

Then everything went on hold as we focused on things far more important than beer or football.

It felt as if the moment had been lost and that the campaign, like the football season, might be mothballed forever. Both did kick off again, though, in June and ERDINGER showed just how much can be achieved with great planning and teamwork. Much the same as Jürgen’s approach to management, really.

He sealed his place as a legend and, despite his fan base growing all the time, he’s keeping his feet firmly on the ground. And ERDINGER continues to build its own loyal following, with Jürgen front and centre.

The TV ad launched, the red can be followed by a limited-edition glass featuring his image and an interactive fan page continues to get people talking about ERDINGER and its ambassador. It hasn’t quite happened as it was originally planned, but a four-month hiatus didn’t dent the enthusiasm and professionalism of the team behind the campaign. I’m proud to have played just a small role in that and am already looking forward to the next chapters in the story.

If you’re intrigued, visit the FANtastic page on the ERDINGER website, wait for the last line of the TV ad to see just why he is so popular and catch a glimpse of all the fantastic work that ERDINGER has pulled together. Bravo Jürgen and bravo ERDINGER.